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Basement Waterproofing Facts for Kingsport Homeowners

As winter comes to an end, the snow on the ground slowly begins to melt with the emerging spring sun peeping through the clouds. Though warmer weather does not necessarily stop the precipitation; these same spring clouds may also bring about some rain and torrential storms before we hit the drier warmer months. These storms and warmer temperatures may bring about comfort from the freezing winter months we just endured, but it can cause problems in our homes if we are not careful.

The melting snow and ice, along with the refreshing rain, can flow right into our Kingsport basements. This unwanted water can cause much damage that cost homeowners a lot of money to repair. In some cases, the damage can be more than physical structure. Mold can form if this water goes untreated for too long; the fungi can create medical issues in the residents, making it difficult to breathe and do regular activities.

To prevent such issues from occurring, it is in your best interest to contact a local basement waterproofer business. Seal-Tite is one of the premiere waterproofing companies in the area. Our company is family-owned, which means we don’t have to answer to someone outside of the state who doesn’t know the area. We’ve been protecting Kingsport homes for years now with great success. Because we live and work here, we know the best way to protect your home.

When our professionals arrive at your home, we will assess your cellar to determine how to keep your basement dry. Our waterproofing system not only seals any cracks that bring about seeping but also keeps the humidity level at a proper level to prevent any additional cracking. As the earth around the home moves, so do the walls creating allowing moisture to enter. With our sump pump and draining mats, we direct the water back out of the home, and our dehumidifier maintains the moisture level to keep structure safe.

Our consultation is free as we see each home as a unique situation. We do not believe in a “one size fits all” solution, so each system is customized for your home. Our work is 100% guaranteed, so you’ll never have to worry about basement water again.

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