Basement Waterproofing Facts for Richmond Homeowners

Basements are a good value in any home. For some it becomes a man cave or sewing room. It can be considered a media room or play area for the kids. For others, it could simply be storage or an office. No matter what purpose, basements help add additional value to your home property.

However, this valuable space is not 100% secured from damage. Although it is clearly the foundation of your house, water can still pool up in the cellar, putting your personal property as well as your person and home at risk. Aside from the water damage your items can have, unwanted water can bring about mold, which can cause medical issues, and can hint at foundational problems that your property may have.

Seal-Tite can help prevent these water issues from occurring as well as ensuring your home is safe structurally. Our business has been keeping Richmond homes dry for many years. Being Volunteers, we know what to expect in most basements and how to keep them in good standing.

However, we also know that not every situation. That’s why we send one of our experts to determine the best system for your home. We will provide a free estimate as well was an assessment of what it will take to waterproof your basement. Whether it is through a sump pump and drainage mats, a dehumidifier, or even a new wall anchor to prevent cracks, our contractors know how to install these materials and provide you with a proper cellar.

All our basement waterproofing work is 100% guaranteed. You will be please with our work because our priority is you, your family, and your home.

Basement Waterproofers Serving Kingsport, TN
Remove and Prevent Winston-Salem Basement Mold

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