Basement Waterproofing in Beckley, WV

Water seeping into a basement can bring a lot of trouble when not fixed right away. In fact, basement waterproofing in Beckley, WV is one of the major home improvement projects that a homeowner should invest in to maintain the entire structural integrity of the house. If you happen to be experiencing water damage problems in your home, or you wish to prevent such problems, hiring a reliable contractor is a must.

When hiring a basement waterproofing company, there is a lot of information available, and finding the right one can be a bit challenging. But then, knowing what you should look for will make the search a lot easier.

So, here are the top factors to consider when hiring a professional basement waterproofer:

1. Qualifications

Make sure that the contractor you will be working with is properly licensed, bonded, and insured in the area where your home is located. All of these things will protect you if something unfortunate occurs during the project. It is also a plus if the company is affiliated with professional associations in the business.

2. Customer Reviews

No matter how a basement waterproofing contractor talks about how they have served a great number of happy customers in the past, it is still essential to perform your own research. Spend some time taking a look at online reviews or ask the company to provide you with a list of references. There can be both good and bad comments, so be critical and assess the totality of the tone.

3. Standards

The materials that should be used in the project must be high quality. In case a system or a certain method needs to be performed, ensure that you are provided with a detailed and clear explanation for that particular job.

4. Pricing

Request written quotes from different companies and make sure that you review and compare the costs of each. As much as possible, stay away from companies that claim they offer the cheapest deal unless you see that the offer is sensible enough based on the quality of materials, financing, and overall cost.

5. Warranty

Do not deal with a basement waterproofing contractor in Beckley, WV that does not offer a warranty for their work. Well established companies usually offer lifetime warranties while there are others that actually let the warranty to be transferred to new homeowners. 

Original author: Jan VanOstrand
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