Basement Waterproofing in Bluefield, WV

Basement waterproofing is a task that should be done with the help of a professional contractor. Although DIY solutions may be available in the hardware stores, doing it on your own may not actually solve the problem at all. To ensure that the root cause of the problem will be identified and the right solution will be implemented, hiring a great basement waterproofing company in Bluefield, WV is necessary.

If it is your first time hiring a company for the waterproofing job, making mistakes can be likely. However, you can avoid the dangers and traps by taking note of these common mistakes when selecting a basement waterproofing company, such as what follows:

1. Not Performing a Background Check

Closing the deal with any company or just because they appear to be knowledgeable is not a good practice. Essentially, you need to do your homework by conducting thorough research. Take note of the company’s credentials. See if they are appropriately licensed, insured, and bonded. Before you sign up with anyone, make sure the contractor has a good standing in the field.

You can do this in many ways such as by getting in touch with the business association in your area, checking out online reviews, or asking for actual references from prospects.

2. Looking at Cost Alone

Although the cost is a very important factor in choosing a basement waterproofing company, it is still not sensible to entrust your leaky basement to a company that offers the lowest price that makes use of substandard materials and delivers low quality services.

To be able to come up with a great deal, ask for written estimates from your potential contractors. Then, take time to analyze and compare each quote. Take a look at areas like the type and quality of materials to be used, solutions offered, and the financing alternatives. When it comes to basement waterproofing, it does not really matter if you pay a bit more as long as you are certain about the outcome of the project.

3. Not Asking For a Written Contract

A written contract is very important once you have selected a basement waterproofing company in Bluefield, WV. This will serve as your proof of all the agreements you had with the contractor. The contract should include every detail about the price, time of commencement and completion of the job, services to be rendered, materials to be used, and other important matters.

Before you sign anything, ensure that you understand everything and in case some things are unclear, you can always ask the contractor or use a lawyer.

Original author: Jan VanOstrand
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