Basement Waterproofing in TN, VA, WV, and NC

Seal-Tite provides affordable and professional basement waterproofing in TN, VA, WV, and NC.
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Fast Foundation Repair in Bristol, TN

So, you have noticed that you have wall cracks, floor cracks, a bowing basement wall, a sinking home, or some other kind of foundation problem with your Bristol, TN home - so what should you do now? Needless to say, there are kits sold at your local home improvement store for taking care of minor foundation damage. However, the materials in these products are nowhere near as effective as what the professionals can provide for you. Also, the "fix" isn't going to last very long, and you'll see yourself going back to the store again and again to buy the same kit. Save yourself the money, time, and aggravation by just letting Seal-Tite take care of your foundation problems.

We know what it takes to provide Bristol, TN homeowners with fast foundation repair. We know that you don't want to wait weeks and months on end to get your foundation fixed - and this might be what you get with some other foundation repair companies in the area. However, we make it our goal to be sure that we are working quickly, safely, and effectively. We can provide you with fast foundation repair work for wall cracks, floor cracks, bowing basement walls, leaning chimneys, foundation settlement issues, and more. We have truly seen it all when it comes to damaged foundations, and we are ready to help you get yours fixed next!

Homes in Bristol, TN are gorgeous, and you are likely very proud of both the inside and outside of your home. You put a lot of work into making sure that the grass is always mowed, the carpets are always clean, and the kitchen is always in good order. However, you need to put this much thought and care into taking care of your foundation, as well. That's where we can help! With over 40 years of experience in the foundation repair industry, you can rest assured knowing that your structural problem will easily be taken care of by us. We can install wall anchors, foundation piers, and more.

Give us a call today to find out more about our fast foundation repair services in Bristol, TN!

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5 Tips for Basement Waterproofing in Richmond, VA

A lot of Richmond, VA homeowners want to know the best way to go about waterproofing their basement. Unfortunately, we can't tell you over the Web that "X" is the absolute best way to take care of your leaky basement problem if we don't know what's causing it in the first place. Instead, we will need to send a professional basement waterproofing tech to your home to evaluate the situation. He will easily be able to figure out how and where water is getting into your home, and then we will be able to tell you the best way to go about taking care of the problem once and for all.

Homes in Richmond are beautiful, and some are even historic. That being said, you need to be doing what you can to take care of your home, including your basement. It doesn't matter what you use this space for, whether it's finished or not, you still need to be sure it is dry, safe, and healthy. If not, basement moisture can cause serious damage to wooden support beams, floor joists, and it can even lead to the growth of dangerous mold and bacteria which could make your family really sick. Instead, it's a better idea to contact Seal-Tite at the first sign of water in your basement. You'll be glad that you did!

Below are 5 of the best tips we can offer for taking care of your wet basement. Again, the specific solution offered to you will depend on what kind of problem your Richmond home is experiencing.

1. Sump Pumps - sump pumps are installed in the lowest lying area of the basement and they accumulate water in their basin. Once water reaches a certain point, it is sent far out away from the home so it can't cause any moisture problems.

2. Battery Backup Sump Pumps - these sump pumps act as "backup" to your primary pump in case it fails or if the power goes out. Most of these pumps run off of battery power.

3. Basement Drains - basement drains help to stop water from building up and flooding this area of your home. They can be connected to sump pumps.

4. Sealing Basement Windows - if you have broken seals on your basement windows, water can easily get inside whenever it rains.

5. Fixing Wall and Floor Cracks - water is also easily able to get into your basement through wall and floor cracks. We can seal them off so this is no longer a problem.

Feel free to call us for more information about getting your wet basement repaired in Richmond, VA! We look forward to talking with you soon!

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Best Waterproofing Method for Leaky Kingsport Basements

If you have a leaky basement in Kingsport, TN, you probably are trying to search the Web to find a quick fix to the problem so that you don't have to deal with it anymore. Unfortunately, this really isn't a DIY type of job. Basement waterproofing will call for the assistance of professionals who are trained in the art of fixing wet basements once and for all. If you try to do the work on your own, it's only going to cost you a ton of time, money, and energy. When you call in the waterproofing experts from Seal-Tite for help, we will quickly be able to diagnose the cause of the leak and get it taken care of before the problem gets much worse - and it will get worse the longer you choose to ignore the problem!

So, what is the best waterproofing method for fixing leaky basements in Kingsport? It really depends on how water is getting into your home. We often see basement moisture getting in through leaking window wells, through wall or floor cracks, over the top of the foundation, or even through the basement cove (where the wall meets the floor). We have many different waterproofing systems available, including sump pumps, basement drains, dehumidifiers for humidity control, and many other moisture control solutions. We guarantee that regardless of how water is able to get into your home, we will pinpoint the cause and put a stop to it for good. This means that you'll never again need to worry about coming home or waking up to a leaky basement after a heavy rainfall. This is great news for you! No more cleaning up sopping wet floors and throwing out damaged belongings that you had kept stored in the basement of your home.

Give us a call today to find out what we can do for you. We will gladly send a professional basement tech out to your home to take a look at the situation and recommend the best course of action for getting the wet basement problem taken care of once and for all.

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How Can I Get Rid Of My Musty Basement Odor?

If you notice a musty basement odor in your home, it's likely caused from the growth of mold. Mold needs three things to grow and survive, which are: moisture, humidity, and organic materials to feed off of. So, if you have leaks in your basement, there's going to be moisture and humidity. And for organic materials, the mold can feed off of paint, wallpaper, carpet, curtains, wood, and anything you may have stored in this area of your home. Sure, you might not have a finished basement, and you might not really ever go into this area of your home for anything since it's dark and smelly. However, regardless of what you use your basement for, you still need to make sure that it is safe, dry, and healthy. After all, what happens in the basement of your home can have an influence on the rest of it, as well as your family's health!

Mold Prevention and Removal

Mold prevention and removal isn't really that complicated of a process. When you call us with this kind of problem, we will send a professional Basement Waterproofing tech to your home to investigate. He will be able to pinpoint how water is getting inside your home, and then he will be able to recommend the best and most affordable way to put a stop to the problem. We can install sump pumps, dehumidifiers, basement drains, and other humidity and moisture control products.

Often times, we see basement moisture getting in over the top of the foundation, through leaking window wells, or even through wall and floor cracks. Again, it doesn't matter if you have a finished basement, or if you have any intentions of ever finishing it, you still need to get this problem taken care of before it causes even more expensive damage and serious problems for the rest of your home!

Mold And Your Health

When it comes to mold and your health, you need to realize just how damaging it really can be. It has been proven that mold has been known to cause the following:

  • Severe headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Cold/flu-like symptoms
  • Asthma attacks
  • Allergic reactions
  • Skin irritation
  • Rashes
  • Breathing problems

These are just a few of the medical conditions it can cause. Don't let your family suffer! Get the problem taken care of now and ensure that you are in good health, and it will also finally get rid of that nasty,Musty Basement Odor for good!

Give us a call today to see what we can do for you when it comes to finally getting rid of that musty basement smell for good! We look forward to talking with you soon!

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3 Ways to Waterproof a Basement

If you are like most homeowners in our service area, which includes - Tennessee: Kingsport, Johnson City, Bristol, Virginia: Roanoke, Richmond, Lynchburg, Charlottesville, Newport News, North Carolina: Winston-Salem, Greensboro and surrounding areas, then you probably want to know what you can do to put a stop to your basement moisture problems for good. It's no secret that having a waterproofing system in place is going to be what's needed to stop this water from getting inside and causing damage. Seal-Tite has a team of professionals who have seen it all when it comes to leaky basements, and they are ready to help you take care of whatever the situation may be that's going on underneath your home.

First, you need to understand how water can get into your basement to begin with. Moisture is always going to find the path of least resistance, so if you have floor or wall cracks in your basement, seepage is easily able to get into your home. Also, water can get in through leaking window wells. If you have basement windows that aren't sealed properly, then you're going to have problems with moisture. Water can also get into your home by going over the top of the foundation and leaking down your basement walls. These are just a handful of ways in which water can get inside, but regardless of how it's getting in, you need to put a stop to it before the damage gets way out of hand and ends up costing you thousands to take care of!

So, how can Seal-Tite waterproof your basement? We can install sump pumps, basement drains, and seal leaking windows.

Sump pumps are designed to accumulate water in a sump basin. Once water reaches a certain level in the pit, it will be sent out far away from the home so that it can't seep into the soil and back in through your foundation again. We can also provide you with battery backup sump pumps which will be activated in case the primary pump fails. This means you'll have the protection you need even if the power goes out during a heavy rain storm.

Our basement drains will help to collect water which may try to get in through the basement cove. These drain systems can be installed quickly, and for an affordable price. What's more is that we will be sure to clean up the work area when we are finished so that you won't have a mess to deal with on your own! Typically, these basement drains will be attached to a sump pump.

We can also seal your leaking basement windows. You would be amazed by how much water can get in through here! Once it gets inside, it runs down the wall and causes severe water damage to your basement walls, flooring, and anything you have stored here.

Don't put it off any longer, get your wet basement fixed ASAP by Seal-Tite!

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Wall Crack Repair in Kingsport, TN

If you have noticed foundation cracks on your Kingsport, TN home, then you need to get in touch with Seal-Tite as soon as possible to get wall crack repair. We will make sure that the crack is sealed and it won't ever let water seep into your home. Also, we can prevent future wall cracks from forming to save you a lot of unnecessary repair expenses further on down the road.  

Solutions to Wall Crack Problems

While wall cracks can mean anything from settling to more serious structural issues, if you saw cracking in your home's walls, it's best to contact a Seal-Tite professional right away.  

Whether the reason is the soil, water, or the foundation, cracks in the walls mean something is happening. Whether that something is serious or not is not up to you to decide, but for a professional to determine.  

A Seal-Tite professional can determine the cause and its severity and do appropriate repairs to ensure no further damage will occur to your home.  

Foundation Repair for Kingsport, TN Homeowners 

A home can never be crack-free. However, the serious cracks can be controlled and prevented. A home that's protected from serious structural issues gives homeowners peace of mind that their roofs won't be falling over their heads anytime soon.  

Small cracks, big cracks, even slight bending and bowing of the walls -  if any of these are happening to your home, call a Seal-TIte professional today to make sure everything is as it should be.
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Preventing a Leaky Basement in Charlottesville

If you live in the Charlottesville area and you are worried about having a leaky basement, then we are here to help you! Seal-Tite has 40 years of experience working in the waterproofing industry, and we know the ins and outs of taking care of all types of basement repair problems. If you already have a leaky basement, we can work with you to get it repaired and stop the flooding from happening again. If you don't already have a wet basement, but you want to know what you can do to prevent one, we can help you with this as well!
When it comes to waterproofing a basement, we will need to be sure that all areas are taken care of where water could get inside. Basement moisture typically will come through leaky window or floor cracks, through a leaking window well, over the top of the foundation, or through the basement cove (where the wall meets the floor). We have products and systems for each of these areas, and we promise that when we leave your home, you will have a safe, dry, and healthy basement that will never experience problems with flooding.
Why Waterproof a Basement?
A lot of Charlottesville homeowners may want to know why they need to waterproof their basement to begin with. It doesn't matter what you do with this area of your home, whether it's finished or not, you still need to be sure that it's protected from moisture. What a lot of homeowners don't understand is that when they have a leaky basement, it can trigger all sorts of problems throughout their entire home.
Did you know that basement moisture can cause the wooden support beams and floor joists below your home to rot? It's true. Moisture is not wood's friend, and this water can also spark the growth of dangerous mold and bacteria which could make your family really sick!
To avoid these problems entirely, prevent a leaky basement by contacting Seal-Tite for the best basement waterproofing services in Charlottesville!
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Leaky Crawl Space Repair in Richmond, VA

Virginia State Capitol - Richmond, Virginia
Richmond, VA is the capital of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and has a population of around 204,214. This area has a rich history, and was the capital of the Confederacy during the American Civil War. There are many interesting attractions in Richmond, including the Virginia Center for Architecture, the American Civil War Center at Historic Tredegar, and St. John's Church, where Patrick Henry once said: "Give me liberty or give me death!" With such a vibrant and lively history, it's no wonder why there are so many people still calling this beautiful city their home today.
Many Richmond homeowners put a lot of hard work into keeping their home looking great, both inside and out. However, if you live here and have a crawl space under your home, how much thought are you putting into it? If you are like most homeowners, the answer is probably "not very much." That's understandable since your crawl space is an area under your home that you never really have a reason to check out. However, you need to understand that what happens in your crawl space can have a huge influence on the rest of your home.
Your crawl space, if it's wet, leaky, and filled with excessive humidity, is a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria and mold growth. The spores are released into the air, and this air travels up and into your family's living quarters. When your loved ones breathe in this nasty air, they can experience all sorts of health problems, including skin rashes, allergic reactions, asthma attacks, and more. This mold and bacteria can even have an effect on your pets, too! 
What's more is that an unsealed and leaky crawl space can cause serious damage to the wooden support beams and floor joists below your home. This is what helps to support the weight of your home, so if there is a problem with them, you're going to know about it! To protect this valuable area underneath your home, you need to get in touch with Seal-Tite as soon as possible!
Crawl Space Encapsulation in Richmond, VA
When it comes to taking care of this valuable area under your Richmond, VA home, Seal-Tite can do crawl space encapsulation. This kind of work involves sealing the area off so that no moisture or excessive humidity can get inside and cause problems. CS encapsulation will typically involve the installation of vapor barriers, floor liners, dehumidifiers, sump pumps, and more. All of this work can be completed quickly, and is a great value!
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What Can I Do to Fix My Leaky Basement in Lynchburg, VA?

Lynchburg, VA is an independent city in the Commonwealth of Virginia. It has a population of around 75,568 and it was the only major city in VA that did not fall to the Union during the American Civil War. Lynchburg is home to the Poplar Forest, Amazement Square, the Old City Cemetery Museums and Arboretum, Appomattox Courthouse, and the James River Heritage Trail. It's easy to see that there is a lot to do in this medium-sized town in VA. However, homeowners here have the same problems as folks living in towns all over the U.S.. That's right, they too suffer with leaky basements!
You are sick and tired of coming home or waking up to a flooded basement after a heavy rain, or when you have melting snow on your property. You have tried the products and systems sold at your local hardware store, and they just haven't been very effective at stopping that basement moisture from causing problems. So, what can you do? You might be worried that it will be too expensive to have a professional basement waterproofing contractor take care of the situation for you. That's not the case at all! Seal-Tite has over 4 decades of experience taking care of wet basements, and they will provide you with the best value for your buck. This means that you aren't going to have to spend a small fortune to get your basement moisture problem taken care of once and for all!
So, what can Seal-Tite do to put a stop to your wet basement problem? They can install all sorts of basement waterproofing systems and products, including but not limited to:

Primary and Battery-Backup Sump PumpsBasement DrainsDehumidifiers for HumidityThese are only a few of the waterproofing products we can install for you. When you call us with a leaky basement problem, we will send a tech out to your home to evaluate the situation. After he determines where water is coming in from, he will be able to tell you how we can fix it, an estimate of how much it will cost, and an approximation of how much time it will take.

Don't suffer with a wet basement for another minute! Give Seal-Tite a call today and see what we can do for you!

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Bowed Wall Repair in Winston-Salem, NC

Winston-Salem, NC is a city boasting a population of around 229,617. It's home to SciWorks, the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts, the Bethabara Historic District, Old Salem, the Children's Museum of Winston-Salem, and the Reynolda House Museum of American Art. It's no wonder that there are so many people living in this charming city. However, regardless of how cozy and charming it may seem on the outside, many homeowners are experiencing problems with bowed walls inside the basements of their homes.
Unfortunately, a lot of Winston-Salem homeowners will put off getting these leaning basement walls fixed - especially if they don't have a finished basement. They don't think it is going to do that damage and nobody is going to see it anyway. However, it doesn't really matter what you use your basement for, or what you plan on using it for in the future. If you have bowing basement walls, you need to get them fixed before they cause even more problems for your home.

Were you aware that bowing basement walls can eventually collapse in on themselves if they are left neglected for too long? It's true. These leaning walls can do a lot of harm to the structural integrity of your family's home. So, what causes this foundation problem to begin with? That's a good question. Most bowing wall problems are a result of hydrostatic pressure in the soil surrounding your home. This pressure comes from the soil after it swells up with moisture following a heavy rain. This thick, swollen soil puts a lot of pressure on your foundation walls. Over time, it can cause your basement walls to lean into the home and cause a lot of problems!
Fixing Leaning Basement Walls
When it comes to fixing leaning basement walls, Seal-Tite can install wall anchors and wall plates. The anchors can be installed in the soil next to the damaged wall. Then, a wall plate will be installed inside the home on the bowing wall's surface. The two will be connected with a steel rod which can be tightened over time to add the necessary lateral pressure to help push the wall back into an upright position. This process is fairly fast and doesn't cost a small fortune like total foundation replacement would! 
Give us a call to learn more about getting your bowing basement walls fixed for good!


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Backup Sump Pumps to Protect Your Basement in Newport News

Newport News is an independent city in Virginia. It has a population of around 180,179, and is the 5th most populated city in the entire state. Many residents are employed at the local shipbuilding business, and the city's economy is very connected to the military and its operations. Nearly 42% of the land makeup of Newport News is composed of water. Needless to say, a lot of homeowners have problems with wet and leaky basements or crawl spaces - and a lot of them know to have sump pumps installed. But, what happens when the primary sump pump underneath your home stops working during a flood or during a bad storm? You could be left with a severely damaged basement or crawl space that could take thousands of dollars to fix.
To protect this area below your home in case your main sump pump fails, it's important to get a battery backup sump pump installed. Most primary pumps are run off of electrical power. So, if the power goes out, you will be left without a pump to effectively remove water from below your home. This is bad news, and obviously not something you are going to want to deal with every single time it rains or you have a flood in the area. Instead, get a backup sump pump installed so that it can be activated in case the main pump fails.

What do Backup Sump Pumps do?
Backup sump pumps will be able to keep water out of your basement or crawl space in case the power goes out, or if the main pump has some kind of mechanical failure that stops it from working like it should. Your home will never miss a beat, and you'll never again have to worry about water damaging your basement walls, floors, or anything that you may have stored in this area below your home - whether it's a basement or a CS.
For more information about getting a backup sump pump installed, please contact Seal-Tite today. We have a team of waterproofing professionals who will be more than happy to address any questions or concerns that you may have about our services and basement or crawl space products.
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How is Water Getting Into My Johnson City, TN Basement?

Johnson City, TN is mostly located in Washington County, and is home to nearly 63,152 people. It's currently ranked as the #1 "Best Small Place for Businesses and Careers" by Forbes Magazine. It's also #5 on the list of the "10 Least Expensive Cities for Living in the U.S." With so many accolades, it's no wonder that more and more people are flocking to this area of the state. With more and more people moving in, there are going to be more and more cases reported of water in the basement.
Basement moisture can be found in any basement that doesn't have a waterproofing system in place, or one that has a system in place, but it isn't working like it should. Regardless of the reason why you have water in your basement, you need to act fast to get it taken care of before it causes serious problems for the rest of your home. Did you know that basement moisture can cause wooden support beams and floor joists to rot? It can also cause mold, mildew, and nasty bacteria to grow in your basement, and this can make your loved ones sick with everything from cold/flu-like symptoms to skin rashes and asthma attacks. As you can see, it's important to get your leaky basement taken care of ASAP to avoid any additional problems.
We know that a lot of Johnson City homeowners may be worried that basement waterproofing is a luxury and not something that's going to fit into their spending budget. However, that's not the case at all! Seal-Tite is here to promote healthy, dry, and safe basements, and we will do what we can to make sure that our waterproofing services fit into whatever kind of spending budget your family may have.
We can install sump pumps, drains, dehumidifiers, and other humidity and moisture control products to ensure that you never again have to deal with a flooded, nasty, smelly basement whenever it rains, or when you have melting snow on your property.
In addition to improving your family's health and the overall structural integrity of your home, a new basement waterproofing system can also add to your property value. This is great news if you're thinking of putting your home on the market in the next couple of years! The benefits to a dry basement go on and on!
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Greensboro Foundation Settlement and Its Cause

Greensboro, NC is a city in North Carolina, which is the third largest city in the entire state. It is home to the Bog Garden, Bicentennial Garden, Greensboro Coliseum Complex, and to the World War Memorial Stadium. There are many attractions in Greensboro which make it a fun place to visit, and a great place to raise a family.

However, if you are a homeowner in Greensboro, or if you are thinking about buying a home here, you need to realize that foundation settlement is a problem that you could have in the not so distant future. You see, the soil in homes surrounding the area is rich in clay material. Clay is very absorbent, and whenever it rains or you have melting snow, the dirt is going to quickly absorb the moisture. When it absorbs this water, it will start to swell, expand, and contract. It may leave voids underneath your home, and over time, this is what your home will sink into.

Needless to say, a sinking home is going to look bad, and it's surely going to take away from your property value. What's more is that this is a serious structural problem that could jeopardize your structural integrity. If left untreated for too long, there's no saying how severe the damage may be to both the inside and outside of your home.

Foundation Settlement Repair

So, what can you do when it comes to foundation settlement repair? Seal-Tite can install foundation piers - we work with helical and push piers. These piers will be able to shift the weight of your home off of the failing foundation and onto the piers themselves. This means that you never again need to worry about a sinking foundation problem. The structural integrity of your home will be greatly improved, and you won't have to worry about one or more sides of your home sinking further and further into the earth.

To learn more about foundation settlement repair in Greensboro, feel free to give us a call ASAP. We offer convenient appointment scheduling for NC homeowners.
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10 Tips on Fixing a Leaky Basement in Kingsport, TN

Kingsport, TN experiences all types of weather throughout the year, including snow, ice, and heavy thunderstorms. With all of this moisture, it's really no surprise that homeowners have problems with leaks in their basement. Unfortunately, a lot of Kingsport homeowners won't do anything about the basement moisture problem until it's far too late and too much damage has been done. Don't let this happen to you. Be proactive about the situation and get your wet basement problem fixed before it costs you a small fortune to get repaired! 

Aside from being a pain, a leaky basement can cause a variety of problems for your home and for your family's healthy. A wet basement has a lot of moisture, obviously, and this moisture can cause damage to your wooden support beams, floor joists, and to anything you have stored in this area of your home. Also, basement moisture can lead to the growth of dangerous mold which can make your family really sick.  

Here are 10 Tips to Fixing a Leaky Basement in Kingsport, TN: 

1. Adding gutter extensions - Often times, leaky basements are brought on by rain falloff that's not driven away from the home properly. To avoid unsightly extensions, you can contact Seal-TIte to install underground gutter extensions to avoid tripping and to keep things neat.  

2. Plugging the gaps - Water can be seen dripping through cracks in the wall or in gaps around plumbing pipes. A call to Seal-Tite can get these foundation and plumbing problems taken care of quickly.  

3. Fix the slopes - You may want to check if surface water is draining away from the house properly. Your house should have a crown of soil that slopes down away form the house, at least 6 inches over the first 10 feet in all directions to ensure water is driven away from your foundation.  

4. Landscape - Having a slope on your property isn't the only solution to a moisture-filled basement - you can also landscape the grounds around your home to include features that redirect water even before it reaches the house. Aside from being functional, it can also be your chance to make the grounds around your home more attractive.  

5. Repair drains - If water seems to come from the lower walls of the basement, or where the walls meet the floor, you might have a hydrostatic pressure problem wherein water is pushed up from the ground. Check if your home has footing drains, which carries water away from the foundation. If you don’t have a drain, we can install one.  

6. Pull the curtain drains - For basements without footing drains, or at least if they don't work, curtain drains can also divert water away from your home. It is a shallow trench composed of gravel and perforated piping that can intercept water uphill at your house and it will divert it a safe distance away.  

7. Install a sump pump - Despite your best efforts, water can still find its way into your basement, and the best way to deal with it is with a sump pump. A sump pump is installed in the lowest part of your basement floor and sends water away from your house.  

8. Get a back up pump - In situations where your sump pump might fail, you might not notice it right away, which is where a back up battery operated sump pump can be useful. Also, if a power outage occurs, you are still protected.  

9. Waterproofing the walls - Even if you divert all the water away from the house, your walls still need protection, and this is why you should waterproof your walls to prevent any damage or deterioration, as well as ensure no stray water creeps through.  

10. Call a professional - The above tips range from the simple to major. Instead of trying to deal with this work on your own, it's best to call in a professional from Seal-Tite who will be able to take care of the problem for you fast, and for a price you can afford.
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Battery Backup Sump Pumps For Winston-Salem, NC Homeowners

Winston-Salem is a city in North Carolina with a population around 229,617. It's home to SciWorks, the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts, Old Salem, the Bethabara Historic District, and the Children's Museum of Winston-Salem. This area of the state has rainy springs and it's not uncommon to have pop up storms during the summer season. With its weather, it's no surprise that many Winston-Salem, NC residents struggle to keep their basements dry. It is critical that you get a battery backup sump pump installed to protect your basement from moisture damage.

How Does a Back Up Sump Pump Work?

Sump pumps, in general, work by pumping out abundant amounts of water that collect in basements and crawl spaces to prevent flooding and moisture problems. Why is it important to keep moisture out? Basement or crawl space moisture can lead to a lot of serious problems for your home. The moisture can lead to damage to wooden support beams, floor joists, and to anything you have stored here. Also, the moisture can lead to mold growth, and this has been known to cause everything from asthma attacks to serious skin rashes and allergic reactions.

Sump pumps are installed in a pit in the floor of the basement, and this hole is where water enters. The pump then takes the water and discharges out and away from the foundation of the home so that it can't pool up, seep through the ground, and enter into the home again.

Back up sump pumps, as opposed to the main pump installed in your home, are typically ran off of strong batteries. This is to ensure your basement is kept water-free even if the power goes out. Aside from being a back up during blackouts, it can also replace your primary pump if for some reason the main pump finds itself not working due to mechanical failure.  

If you have a sump pump, but don't have a back up system installed, call Seal-Tite as soon as possible. Aside from installing the back up pump, we can also do maintenance on your primary pump to make sure that it's working like it should.
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Protecting Your Sump Pump in Richmond, VA

Richmond, VA is the capital of the Commonwealth of Virginia. It is located next to the James River and is 66 miles east of Charlottesville. The economy here is driven by law, finance, and government, and it's well-known for its notable legal and banking firms located downtown. Since it is located so close to the river, homeowners here know how important it is to make sure that their sump pump is in good working order so that they don't ever have to deal with a flooded basement or crawl space.

When you have water in your basement or crawl space, it can cause a myriad of problems. In fact, this moisture can lead to the development of nasty black mold which can make you and your family very sick. What's more is that this moisture can also lead to the deterioration of wooden support beams and floor joists below your home. It goes without saying that this is going to serious jeopardize the structural integrity of your entire home! So how can you be sure that this doesn't happen to you? You need to be sure that your sump pump is working like it should.  

Being small and quiet, sump pumps can be easily forgotten and thus not maintained properly. Though all sump pumps fail eventually, they can also fail before their time comes to get replaced. So, you need to be sure you are properly maintaining them. Seal-Tite is here to help you with all your sump pump maintenance, replacement, and installation work!

Preventing Sump Pump Problems

One great way to protect your home from sump pump failure is to get a battery powered back up pump installed in your basement or crawl space. The back up is there to give you a failsafe way to protect your home if your main pump stops working because of a mechanical failure, or if the power goes out. As soon as the primary pump stops working, the back up will be activated.

Battery Backup Sump Pumps in Richmond, Virginia

Getting a battery backup sump pump in Richmond, Virginia will do a lot to guarantee that you are safe from both main pump failures and power outages, but the benefits go deeper than that. You also have a dry basement, which in turn ensures you are free from premature degradation of your foundation, free from mold and mildew, and free from future headaches and problems.

Contact Seal-Tite today to learn more about the basement and crawl space sump pump services we can provide for you in your Richmond, VA home.
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Basement Seepage in Roanoke, VA

Roanoke, VA is an independent city in the state of Virginia. It is the largest municipality in the southwestern part of the state. It is known as the commercial and cultural hub of much of VA, and it's located right next to Roanoke River. With a location so close to the river, it's no surprise that homeowners often have basement seepage problems to deal with.

So, now you may be wondering how and why you have water seepage to begin with. It can come from the water table rising up and seeping through the floor, or it can be caused by rain water coming from your home's clogged rain gutter spouts. It can also be caused from the grade of your lawn, or even from leaky wall or floor cracks in the basement of your home. 

There are a variety of reasons as to why water is getting into your basement, and Seal-Tite is here to track down the cause and get it taken care of at the source so you never again need to deal with having a leaky basement.

Leaky Basement Repair in Roanoke, VA

Depending on the cause, leaky basement repair solutions in Roanoke, VA can be varied. But the most common fixes to keep water from your basement include installing sump pumps and back up pumps to prevent water from building up underneath your home. We can also fill and seal wall or floor cracks that are letting seepage inside. Also, we can install trenches or drains to better deal with moisture around the basement cove of your home (where the wall meets the floor).

The benefits of having a dry and safe basement range from health benefits to improving the foundation. Water in the basement not only is a health hazard, what with fungi, mold and mildew growth, but it can also compromise the structural integrity of your home by deteriorating the wooden support beams and floor joists below your home.  

To learn more about what can be done to put a stop to your basement seepage in Roanoke, give Seal-Tite a call today. We look forward to helping you soon!
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Charlottesville, VA Foundation Damage

Charlottesville, VA is an independent city in the state of Virginia. It is best known as being the home of two U.S. Presidents - Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe. It is also home to the University of Virginia. As such a lively and interesting place to live, you'd think that residents wouldn't have to many problems to worry about - but they do - especially when it comes to foundation damage on their homes. There are a lot of older homes in this area of the country, and it's only natural that they are more prone to experiencing foundation problems.  

So what warning signs can you be on the lookout for which may indicate that you have foundation damage? If you notice any cracks in walls, floors, doorways, windows, or near ceilings, it could indicate that you have a structural problem on your hands. You may also have windows and doors that don't open or close properly, or it may look like the entire foundation itself is sinking into the earth!

You should also check in the basement of your home for any bowing walls. A bowed wall could indicate that there is a hydrostatic pressure problem in the soil surrounding your home. This happens when there is too much moisture in the dirt, and it applies force on your basement walls and causes them to lean inside the home.  

As a Charlottesville, VA homeowner, you may be wondering why you should check your foundation in the first place? Apart from the fact that it is what supports the weight of your house, it can also cause water seepage that, in turn, can lead to rot, mold and fungi growth, musty smells, and water damage to walls, floors, and anything kept underneath your home.  

Foundation Repair in Charlottesville, VA

If you notice any kind of foundation damage on your home, you need to contact Seal-Tite for the very best foundation repair in Charlottesville, VA. We promise to show up on time, and with all of the tools and materials we are going to need for the job. This means that we can get the work finished fast so that you and your family can get back on with your normal lives.

We can fix wall and floor cracks, sinking homes, bowed walls, flaking or chipping foundations, and many other structural problems.    

A strong and solid foundation can mean the difference in a standing or crumbling home. You can also forget about stressing about basement and crawl space flooding or moisture, and you can be free from worries about water damage when you have a foundation that is secure and well taken care of.
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Warning Signs of Foundation Damage in Kingsport, TN

Kingsport is a city in Sullivan, Hawkins, and Washington County in Tennessee. It's commonly included in what is known as the Mountain Empire, which spans from southwest VA to TN and points east. The area grew in population due to its location on the Holston River. Notable individuals hailing from Kingsport include: Barry Bales, Nick Castle, Bobby Eaton, and John King. While this may seem like an ideal place to live, it has problems just like any other town in America - including problems with foundation damage.

Your family's home is only as strong as the foundation that it rests upon. Whenever you have a weak foundation, it's going to jeopardize the structural integrity of your entire property, and needless to say, this is not something that you want! Foundation damage can be caused from a variety of things, including moisture in the soil surrounding your home, tree roots growing into the structure, temperature changes, poor construction materials or techniques used during the time when your home was built, and so on. However, regardless of how serious the problem may seem, Seal-Tite is here to help you take care of the problem before it gets worse.

Warning signs of a foundation problem include: leaky wall or floor cracks, sinking of the home on one or more sides, bowing basement walls, cracks forming along window and door frames, and other various structural problems.

Affordable Foundation Repair in Kingsport, Tennessee

If you are worried that your home may have foundation damage, the best thing to do is to call a Seal-Tite professional. Our team of experts will easily be able to track down the cause of the problem and get it taken care of fast, and for a price you can afford.

You might feel inclined to save money and do it all yourself, but unless you are a licensed contractor with the proper equipment, it’s best leave your home's future in the hands of experts.   

A strong and secure foundation means a sturdy home. By ensuring the continued sturdiness of your home's foundation, you are given the peace of mind your home will be safe and sound for your family for years and years to come in the future. Give us a call today. We can install wall anchors, foundation piers, and more.
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Johnson City, TN Wet and Damp Crawl Space

If you are a homeowner in Johnson City, TN, you already know how seriously wet the spring and summer months can be each year.
With a location so close to the river, wet, damp, and moldy crawl space are common. The question many homeowners ask then is, "what can happen if I don't fix my wet and damp crawl space?"  
Wet and damp crawl spaces can be a source of many air quality issues since this damp environment can foster the growth of harmful bacteria and mold. In addition to medical problems that may arise from this, your home's structure can be at risk as well due to deterioration brought about by all of the moisture that gets inside on a regular basis since your crawl space isn't sealed.
Homeowners can reduce risks by removing any standing water and making sure that dangers such as hanging electrical lines are cleared. Wet materials should be removed and replaced as soon as possible, as well. You can also prevent future problems by improving drainage and ensuring that ground water outside of your home around the foundation is controlled properly.

If you want to protect your crawl space from more water damage, your best bet is to call a professional. Seal-Tite can help you address your wet and damp crawl space problems by finding solutions to the root of the problem, and taking care of these risks so that you don’t have a wet crawl space to deal with again. To take care of your leaky crawl space, we can seal the area off with vapor barriers and floor liners. These will prevent moisture from getting inside and wrecking the place.
Protect your family and home from wet and damp crawl space issues, call a Seal professional today.
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