Dealing With a Wet Basement in Kingsport

A lot more goes into taking care of a leaky basement in your Kingsport home than just letting your basement dry out by opening windows and doors. You need to take a proactive approach and hire waterproofing professionals to pinpoint the cause of the leak so they can get it taken care of properly.

If this sounds like you and your home you need to be in touch with Seal-Tite. They have experts who are trained, knowledgeable, skilled, friendly, and they can easily figure out how water is getting in your home and causing the basement to flood on a regular basis. A wet basement can become a serious problem, as water can cause wood rot, structural problems, and it can contribute to the growth of nasty mold and bacteria which could make your family really sick.

As a homeowner with a leaky basement, you need to take care of the problem as quickly as possible. Contact Seal-Tite and allow a professional to come inspect your home and start the waterproofing process.

Basement waterproofing will help ensure your basement does not ever again have a flooding problem. This could involve the installation of sump pumps, drains, dehumidifiers, and more.

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