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In today’s society, we all want the happily ever after. We purchase our dream home in Roanoke, and plan on living there to pass it along to the next generation. Or we purchase a home to flip it for a good profit. Either vision is worthy of ensuring the property is in good condition.

So if there is a problem, such as a leaky basement, you want the best people to be working on the problem. You want someone who provides a solution that is best for you and your property, not someone with a band-aid solution for everything. To determine that you check with neighbors and friends, as well as the internet to figure out what will work well with you.

Seal-Tite is here to help you. Our business has been serving the area for many years. As a local company, we know the area very well. We only work with basements and foundations, so we know how to keep your cellar dry.

In order to determine the best solution for you, we will send one of our experts out to your home to determine the best system for you. We believe not all homes are alike, so we customize for you. This is a complementary estimate, so you will not get charged until we begin to install the system for you.

If you are having an issue with the price, don’t think this will not work for you. We will work with your financial situation so that you and your property is safe. Waterproofing your basement is critical, for both your property and health, so we want to help you out to the best of our ability.

Our employees are trained to install and maintain all the equipment. We do not contract outside help to ensure your system is installed properly the first time. From the drainage mats and sump pump to wall anchors, we make sure that it is there to keep your cellar safe and dry, not as an extra headache. All our work is 100% guaranteed, so you don’t have to worry about it ever again.

Call us today to see how we can help!

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