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While Charlottesville is a great city to live in, no matter how old your home is, you should pay attention to the humidity of your basement. In the event that you notice an increase in humidity in your Charlottesville basement, be aware of the potential dangers associated with a damp Charlottesville basement.

The Risks of a Damp Basement

A damp basement may not seem like a big deal at first; though, it can easily become a major problem. Not only can a damp basement cause serious damage to your Charlottesville home, it can also create health problems for you and your family. An increase in moisture caused by a damp basement can cause mold to grow. This mold is harmful when breathed, posing a danger to you and your family. In addition to mold, you may need to worry about rotting wood and a weakening foundation.

How to Solve a Damp Basement Problem

To conquer your problem with a damp basement in your Charlottesville home, it may be time to call the professionals at Seal-Tite. With years of experience, dealing with a damp basement is no big deal. A professional can easily determine the best course of action. The complete waterproofing of your basement is not always an extensive project and will depend on the condition of your home.

The waterproofing of your basement may require the installation of dehumidifiers or the sealing of cracks. Additional solutions include extending downspouts, repairing damaged pipes, or the installation of a sump pump. No matter which solutions are required, you can rest easy knowing that your Charlottesville home will soon be free of dampness and excess moisture.

To start drying your basement, contact the professionals at Seal-Tite today.

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