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Looking for a Basement Waterproofing Company in Culpeper, VA?

Leaky basements and other moisture problems below your home could bring you a lot of trouble. Such things should not be neglected, especially if you wish to maintain the integrity of your home’s structure. So, hiring a smart basement waterproofing company in Culpeper, VA should be your next step.

A damaged basement is a threat to your entire home, so entrusting it to able hands should be part of your plan. With the huge number of contractors offering basement waterproofing, how can you pick the right one? 

Help yourself with the following tips:

1. Check if the contractor is licensed, insured, and bonded

Before starting the work on your home, it is necessary to ask the basement waterproofing contractor if they have the permission to offer the services in your area – i.e. are they licensed? Along with this, they should possess liability insurance in case something happens to one of the workers on the job.

2. Experience

Knowing how long the company has been doing waterproofing is a good way to gauge their experience. Apart from asking about their years in the business, it is also important to ask if they are an expert when it comes to handling your specific problem. Furthermore, inquire how long they have been implementing a certain process or system, so you can have an idea as to how long lasting or durable their work may be.

3. Ask for References

A big factor in your decision should be the company’s ability to provide you with a long list of credible references. Take some time to call some of the clients who have worked with the company, whether just recently or years back and find out about the repair work they had done in their homes. Aside from the references that the basement waterproofing contractor has provided, it will also help if you look online for additional reviews.

4. Know About the Repair Process

With a great number of repair systems and processes available, it is vital to have a good understanding of how these will work to fix your specific problem. Make sure that you ask about the materials to be used and how a certain process can actually solve the problem and see if everything makes sense.

5. Ask for a Warranty

See if the company offers a warranty and for how long. Does the guarantee cover the labor and materials? It will also be beneficial to know if the warranty is transferable in case you have future plans of selling your home.

By considering all these things, the search for a great basement waterproofing company in Culpeper, VA can be a success.

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