We’re at the bottom of a hill and, while our yard appears flat, we’re on the receiving end of all the large hill’s runoff. Water in the basement, high humidity on the lower leve, water in garage. Jan evaluated the situation and offered a solution. The team showed up when Sealtite said they would. The guys worked in unison and with only a short mid-morning break, lunch, and mid afternoon break. They dug BY HAND (because of landscaping) down the 8+ feet to expose all of the basement wall. Sealed that. Replaced all dirt and returned the dig site to exactly pre-dig conditions. French drain installed. Masonry wall restored. I’ve had 45 workers involved in my remodel over the past 6 months. This team was one of the top two in terms of professionalism and quality. 7 months ago, I was skeptical. Today, I’m impressed (they were on-site for 4 days).