Basement Waterproofing in Arlington, VA

At Seal-Tite Basement Waterproofing Co, we can take care of basement waterproofing below your Arlington, VA home so you don’t have to worry about it anymore. We have a team of trained, experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly waterproofers on staff who are ready to assist you with whatever kind of seepage problem your home is experiencing. We realize that there are a lot of property owners reading this who will say that they don’t have a finished space below their home, so they don’t really need to worry about getting the moisture problem taken care of. Do not think like this! It doesn’t matter what you use this space for. You need to make sure that it is totally protected from any kind of water damage that may result. By doing so, you can help to improve your home’s resale value, and it can also improve the overall structural integrity and indoor air quality of your family’s home.

Most homeowners don’t realize just how serious their leak could be. It may not seem very serious or very large right now, but give it time, and it’s only going to get much worse. Also, the longer you wait, the more expensive it’s going to be to get the damage and problem taken care of. Seepage can cause serious destruction of the wooden support beams and floor joists underneath your home. These things are what help to support the weight of your home, so it goes without saying that when they are deteriorating, your home is going to have problems with its structural integrity. Also, this moisture can lead to the development of dangerous mold and bacteria which can make your family really sick. It’s been known to cause the following health problems: headaches, breathing problems, asthma attacks, fatigue, skin rashes, allergies, cold/flu-like symptoms, and many other conditions your family shouldn’t have to deal with.

About Arlington, VA

Arlington County is a county and census-designated place in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The land that became Arlington was originally donated by Virginia to the United States government to form part of the new federal capital district. On February 27, 1801, the United States Congress organized the area as a subdivision of the District of Columbia named Alexandria County. In 1846, Congress returned the land donated by Virginia due to issues involving Congressional representation and the abolition of slavery. The General Assembly of Virginia changed the county’s name to Arlington in 1920 to avoid confusion with the adjacent City of Alexandria. Arlington County shares with a portion of the independent City of Alexandria (including the former town of Potomac) the distinction of being once in Virginia, then ceded to the U.S. government to form the District of Columbia, and later retroceded to Virginia.**

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We can provide you with an estimate to get a system installed or to repair existing damage. We have the skills, tools, and products needed to take care of whatever kind of moisture problem this area under your home may be experiencing. We will work fast, and we will be respectful of your property so that we aren’t tracking dirt and debris through your family’s home or yard. We also promise to show up on time for the work that needs to be done, and we will address any questions or concerns that you may have along the way.

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