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Basement leaks under your Johnson City, TN home are bad news, any way you want to look at it. Somewhere, somehow, your existing basement waterproofing system failed and now you have to deal with a dangerous flooded area below your home. However, rest assured knowing that our professionals at Seal-Tite Basement Waterproofing Co are here to help you. We want to be the company you call to take care of any kind of seepage problem that you may be experiencing. We know that there are a lot of homeowners who think that just because they don’t have a finished area below their home, they don’t need to really worry about these kinds of leaks. However, this is not the way you should be thinking! It doesn’t matter what you do with with this space, you still need to keep it dry and safe!

So, what happens if you let your leaks go unattended for some period of time? Well, it’s really only a matter of time before the wooden support beams and floor joists underneath your home get severely damaged. They may start to rot, warp, decay, and this is incredibly attractive to termites and other critters you don’t want living inside your family’s home. What’s more, this moisture can lead to the development of dangerous mold and bacteria which can make everyone in your family, including your pets, very sick! You can steer clear of these problems altogether by getting a waterproofing system installed. We can provide you with everything from sump pumps to drains, and all types of systems and products in between.

About Johnson City, TN

Johnson City is a city in Carter, Sullivan, and Washington counties in the U.S. state of Tennessee, with most of the city being in Washington County. The 2010 population for Johnson City was 63,152 by the United States Census, making it the eighth-largest city in the state.

Johnson City is currently ranked the #14 “Best Small Place for Business and Careers” in the USA by Forbes, and #8 “Best Place for African Americans to Retire” in the USA by Black Enterprise magazine. Kiplinger ranked Johnson City #5 in “The 10 Least-Expensive Cities For Living in the U.S.A.”, stating the low cost of living is attributed to affordable homes and below-average utility, transportation and health-care costs.**

**Information provided by,_Tennessee

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It doesn’t matter how new or old your home is, you need to be sure that you have a working system in place. It goes without saying that your family’s home is likely your biggest investment, so you need to be doing what you can to keep it safe, dry, healthy, and protected. Ensure that your home lasts for many years to come by getting a system installed to take care of that moisture problem once and for all! Call us today to schedule a consultation for an estimate and to get your questions answered.

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