Basement Drainage System

We provide professional basement drainage system services for home owners in need of basement waterproofing systems and installation. If you have a wet, leaky basement in your home, then you could benefit from having a basement drain system installed. No homeowner ever wants to come home or wake up to a flooded basement, and with our exceptional waterproofing products and systems, we guarantee that this fear will never become a reality for you! Seal-Tite Basement Waterproofing Co guarantees that our basement drain system will be able to effectively take care of any kind of basement moisture problem that your home may be experiencing. Regardless of whether water is able to get inside through cracks in the basement walls or even through leaking window wells, we know that our waterproofing drain system will get that problem taken care of once and for all! We can take care of the problem at the source so that you and your family never have to deal with a basement seepage problem again! What a relief this will be to you!

Interior Basement Waterproofing

Interior Waterproofing

When it comes to interior basement waterproofing, we can install our patented Seal-Tite Fast-Flo System. This system is required whenever moisture is getting into the basement of your home through the floor where it meets the wall. This is often referred to as the basement cove. To install our interior waterproofing system, we will first remove an area of flooring next to the effected wall. Then, the system is installed underneath the floor to help with alleviating pressure and allowing water to channel out of the area. This waterproofing system can be installed in both finished and unfinished basements. There are many other waterproofing products which can be installed in conjunction with this system, including sump pumps.

Exterior Basement Waterproofing

Exterior Waterproofing

When it comes to exterior basement waterproofing, we can install a variety of products and systems that will prevent water from getting into your home from the outside. Our exterior drainage systems will help with channeling water away from your home's foundation so that it cant't get inside and cause problems.

Seal-Tite can provide you with the following exterior waterproofing products:

  • French drains - help to divert water away from the foundation of your home
  • Catch basins - move water away from low-lying areas on your lawn
  • "J" drains - remove surface water near the top of your foundation
  • Extending or rerouting downspouts - help with improving the flow of rain water from your gutter system
  • Stair landing drains - redirect water to help with preventing basement seepage into your home
  • Driveway drains - channel water away from your driveway so that it doesn't build up along your foundation wall