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Charlottesville, VA Foundation Damage

Charlottesville, VA is an independent city in the state of Virginia. It is best known as being the home of two U.S. Presidents – Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe. It is also home to the University of Virginia. As such a lively and interesting place to live, you’d think that residents wouldn’t have to many problems to worry about – but they do – especially when it comes to foundation damage on their homes. There are a lot of older homes in this area of the country, and it’s only natural that they are more prone to experiencing foundation problems.  

So what warning signs can you be on the lookout for which may indicate that you have foundation damage? If you notice any cracks in walls, floors, doorways, windows, or near ceilings, it could indicate that you have a structural problem on your hands. You may also have windows and doors that don’t open or close properly, or it may look like the entire foundation itself is sinking into the earth!

You should also check in the basement of your home for any bowing walls. A bowed wall could indicate that there is a hydrostatic pressure problem in the soil surrounding your home. This happens when there is too much moisture in the dirt, and it applies force on your basement walls and causes them to lean inside the home.  

As a Charlottesville, VA homeowner, you may be wondering why you should check your foundation in the first place? Apart from the fact that it is what supports the weight of your house, it can also cause water seepage that, in turn, can lead to rot, mold and fungi growth, musty smells, and water damage to walls, floors, and anything kept underneath your home.  

Foundation Repair in Charlottesville, VA

If you notice any kind of foundation damage on your home, you need to contact Seal-Tite for the very best foundation repair in Charlottesville, VA. We promise to show up on time, and with all of the tools and materials we are going to need for the job. This means that we can get the work finished fast so that you and your family can get back on with your normal lives.

We can fix wall and floor cracks, sinking homes, bowed walls, flaking or chipping foundations, and many other structural problems.    

A strong and solid foundation can mean the difference in a standing or crumbling home. You can also forget about stressing about basement and crawl space flooding or moisture, and you can be free from worries about water damage when you have a foundation that is secure and well taken care of.

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