Dealing with Seepage in Your Richmond Basement

From rain storms to changes in weather, nature can put homes in the Richmond area through quite a bit. This often leads to leaks and seepage in your basement. While you may think that a small amount of seepage in your Richmond basement is no big deal it can actually cause severe problems for both you and your home.

Basement seepage in your Richmond basement can escalate from a small issue into a major problem, when left unattended. Cracks that are allowing the seepage can grow and the presence of water in your basement can cause mold to grow. Mold can quickly begin spreading around a home and cause health problems. This spreading mold can also rot wood, along with higher humidity levels in your basement. As mildew, mold, and rot spreads through your home, water and moisture can also damage appliances and weaken the foundation of your home.

The best way to stop basement seepage is to get a hold of the professionals at Seal-Tite. A quality basement waterproofing company can solve all of your seepage issues while helping ensure your home does not end up dealing with future seepage problems.

As part of the waterproofing of your basement, you may need cracks sealed, a dehumidifier placed in your basement, and additional drainage set up. In addition to these methods, you may also need to extend downspouts and repair gutters. These basement waterproofing procedures will seal up your basement and stop the seepage problems once and for all.

To get a dryer basement as soon as possible, get on the phone and contact the experts at Seal-Tite and learn more about basement waterproofing.
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