How to Solve Bristol Basement Leaks

Severe weather can lead to floods in your Bristol home, which will typically end up in your basement. The thunderstorms of spring and fall can cause havoc on your home. The constant accumulation of rain can be difficult for homes that do not have proper drainage. Even for well-maintained homes, this constant barrage of rain can cause cracks and leaks in your basement.

Basement leaks, even small ones, can become major problems. The longer you leave a leak untreated, the more serious the leak can become. A leak in your basement can result in damage to appliances and electronics, a weaker foundation, and the continual presence of moisture and a higher humidity level. This moisture can create mold, which will easily spread throughout your home, rotting wood and creating health problems.

You may think that stopping a small leak in your basement is no big deal; though, having a professional handle the problem will ensure a thorough solution is used. Instead of attempting to tackle the problem head on, contact a professional at Seal-Tite.

A Seal-Tite professional has the experience to pinpoint how and where water is entering your basement. Once the root of the problem is discovered, they can recommend a proper solution to your basement leak. In addition to the sealing of cracks in your walls or floors, there may be additional measures that need to be taken.

For the complete waterproofing of your basement, you may need to extend or repair your gutters and downspouts, install a dehumidifier or floor drainage, or even install a sump pump. When you are ready to discover how to stop and prevent any future leaks in your basement, be sure to contact a Seal-Tite professional.


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