Waterproofing in Alexandria, VA – Choosing the Best Contractor

Making the decision to improve your home and protect its overall structure is a great idea, especially if it involves your basement. A leaky basement is a major source or problems related to water seepage and water buildup. With this, you may want to start finding a professional basement waterproofing contractor in Alexandria, VA to prevent problems before they occur.

Although you may not even think about waterproofing your basement, it is a necessity in most cases. If you live in areas where heavy rainfall is likely, then your home is a good candidate for waterproofing. But then, do not do it on your own. It is a task that only an expert basement waterproofer should handle.

To find a basement waterproofing contractor in your area, take note of these helpful suggestions:

1. Know where to look. Nowadays, searching for a basement waterproofing contractor can be easy. Primarily, you can rely on the Internet and countless websites could present you with many options. Review websites are also considered a good source of information, as well as customer feedback. Or, you can just ask your neighbor, friends or relatives if they can suggest a particular contractor.

2. Make a list and call every contractor. Come up with a list of your top three candidates and make an effort to call each of them. This will help you get a feel of how a certain contractor deals with their clients. You should also take advantage of this opportunity to ask questions.

3. License and insurance. Never deal with a basement waterproofing contractor without a license. This is a primary requirement when hiring a company for your waterproofing needs. Also, liability insurance is a plus in case anything goes wrong on the job in your home.

4. Experience and reputation. The experience of a company matters a lot. A business that has managed to stay in the industry for quite a long time is really something special. Apart from the number of years, also check out the reputation by reading reviews or asking for referrals. A highly reputable contractor will not hesitate to offer referrals.

5. Pricing. Not all basement waterproofing companies will charge the same amount for basement repair and other services. So, you need to do your shopping and compare rates. Get a hold of estimates from the top contractors in your list to get the best deal.

Original author: Jan VanOstrand
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