Waterproofing in Johnson City – Get Rid of Your Wet Basement Problems

When assessing various companies, it is essential to take note of several factors, such as what follows:

1. Proper Assessment

Find waterproofing companies that are eager to perform an inspection of your basement prior to giving you an estimate. A trustworthy contractor always wants to see what the job really entails. Evaluating the design of your basement, looking for signs of leaky wall cracks, and assessing moisture issues are just some things that require a thorough inspection prior to the job. If a contractor offers you an estimate without taking a look at your basement, you should take them out of your potential list right away.

2. Licensed, Insured, and Bonded

Ensure that the basement waterproofing contractor is properly bonded, licensed, and insured. These things will serve as your protection in case any loss or damages take place throughout the duration of the project. Also, these could help if ever you were not satisfied with the work and you wish to take some actions to gain the right results to recover damages.

3. References

Do not forget to request references from the companies you are considering. The thing is, companies may boast about their relationships and deals with previous clients. In case the contractor hesitates to provide you with references, you may be in trouble. Ideally, a reliable company should always be prepared to present you a list of references. This only means that they are confident about their work and the satisfaction of their customers.

4. Price

Like with other household expenses, the cost of basement waterproofing is important when it comes to the selection process. You certainly want to find a contractor that performs an outstanding job at an affordable price. Bear in mind that opting for the cheapest bids may not let you save money, as these companies may cut corners and deliver less than the best results.

5. Valid Warranty

Any basement waterproofing company in Johnson City, TN could say they can offer you a warranty. But then, make sure that they are actually capable of giving you a guarantee for the work performed and for the systems installed. Also, get everything in writing so you can have a backup in case the company denies what you both just agreed into.

Original author: Jan VanOstrand
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