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Comprehensive Homeowner’s Guide to Choosing the Right Basement Waterproofing Company


Mold, spores, and diseases oh my! There are terrible consequences that you and your family could face in the safety and comfort of your own home, if you are experiencing leaks in your basement. A wet and damp basement can lead to a proliferation of deadly and nasty microbial agents that will attack you and your loved ones, so take steps to maintain a happy home. This guide will help you find the right basement waterproofing company for your Vienna home!


1. First consider experience and expertise
The numbers of years of experience a basement waterproofing company has is a huge indicator of past success. Many other companies will resort to changing their brand names to stay in business, but an honest company with excellent expertise will have the resources necessary to accomplish the task efficiently and responsibly.


2. The community is your best friend
We aren’t just talking about your friends, family, and nei
ghbors, but the global community that we live in today. While your friends and family are close and reliable connections, resources like Angie’s List, BBB, and Yelp arms you with all the reviews, testimonials, and ratings that you need to make an informed choice.


3. There’s not just ONE company
Offering free inspections and estimations should be a given. Why would you pay money for someone to inspect or estimate your need of basement waterproofing? The personal connections that you make with companies that give you an estimate when they come for the inspection can play a role, along with quoted prices, in choosing the right contractor for you.


4. Approval from the professional community
Professional affiliations are a great indicator of how seriously an ind
ividual takes their job and their drive to keep on improving their skill sets as a professional. Affiliations with organizations like the Basement Health Association (BHA), BBB, and National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) add credibility from the professional community


5. Skip the subcontractors
Subcontractors are hired by the company that you choose and they work together to accomplish the project, but do you want someone that is fully employed by the company you hire to do the job? Or do you want someone that was hired by the company that you hired? Let’s put it this way – you’re hiring a company to do a job, not giving them a task of finding someone else to do the job for them.


6. Finally, make sure the company you choose is properly licensed and insured
Keep yourself and your home protected by making sure the one you hire has personal liability insurance and worker’s compensation. You do not want to be liable for any damages or injuries that worker sustain while they are working on your home.

These pointers should get you started in the right direction for choosing the right basement waterproofing company for your Vienna home. Now sit back and relax, because you’ve saved you and your family’s life!

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